For the covering of the ironer roll we can supply several types of SPRINGS (Spingpress, Lapauw, etc.) and the necessary TOOLS to place the springs and the needled felts:

- Lapauw springs
- Tool to remove & place a Lapauw spring
- Special needle to sew a Lapauw felt
- Stainless steel wire to sew Lapauw felt
- Meta Aramid cable to sew Lapauw felt
- Vacutest: to measure the flow of the air suction

For the cleaning of the ironer chest we have several mechanical and chemical solutions:

The BLUE BED CLEANER and the RED BED CLEANER are cloths with oblical steel wool stripes and polishing stripes to clean and polish the ironer chest, available in several widths: Blue Bed Cleaner for the traditional steel chest and Red Bed Cleaner for the stainless steel chest.
The GLOVE BED CLEANER is a glove to remove deposits from the chest of the flatwork ironer, which occur mostly at the beginning of the chest of the first roll, and subsequently polish the surface of the chest: one side to scrub, other side to polish.
The SCOURING PAD is an abrasive pad to scrub the chest of the flatwork ironer and remove deposits from the chest of the ironer, which occur mostly at the beginning of the chest of the first roll.
CLEANPASTE is a new concept in the maintenance of ironers. Regardless of which wax or lubricant is used, due to the combination of heat, lint residues, alkali or carbonized powder waxes, a deposit is always possible on the chest. Cleanpaste has been designed to remove these residues without any mechanical action such as abrasive cloths or steel mesh pads and complies with all quality and safety standards, because it does not contain any abrasive, chemically aggressive components or solvents.

For the application of wax, cleanpaste and cleancoat, it is recommended to use a special APPLICATION CLOTH. It has a silicon pocket to avoid the direct contact of the wax, cleanpaste or cleancoat with the felt. By doing so, the felt will not be clogged by wax, which reduces its permeability and output of the ironer. Available in 180cm and 310cm width. VERY IMPORTANT: You need 1 application cloth for each product!

We also offer SOLUBLE BAGS and NET BAGS: The dust filter fabric has an opening of +/- 150 microns and a standard width of 2,2m and is recommended to catch the cotton dust from the suction of the ironers or from the dryers.
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