Our FEED BELT of synthetic compacted needled felt of 100% Polyester equips most of the ironers made today in the world and definitively substitutes the traditional cotton feed belt.

•    Perfect dimensional stability (minimum stretching and no shrinkage under heat).
•    Burned on one or two sides for a better grip on the linen.
•    No fraying like the cotton belt.
•    No need to reinforce each end before hooking.
•    Both edges are melted to avoid threads hanging.
•    Much longer working life.

Our EXTREME GRIP synthetic compacted needled felt belt gives more adherence to the linen than any other kind of material.

Also excellent to be used on the folders, stackers and transporters of linen to substitute de cotton belts with or without rubber, elastomere, PVC belt, etc…

Our PERFORATED FEED BELTS of special compact 100% Polyester needled felt of with special finishing and heat setting; one hard side for better grip and both edges are melted to avoid any threads hanging.
Mostly used for vacuum feeder and also available on the EXTREME GRIP BELT.

We produce the main holes patterns for Jensen, Biko, Weir, Amko, Olma, Vega Systems, Lapauw, Kannegiesser, Toto, Laco, Electrolux, Lavatec, Girbau, Girbau Robotics, Chicago Dryer, etc.

Supplied in rolls of +/- 50m of desired width or as readymade belts.

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