We offer 6 different types of guide tapes in Polyester, Polyester/Meta Aramid and 100% Meta Aramid. All are weldable:
•    100% Polyester guide tape suitable for steam ironers up to 180ºC in 15 or 16 mm of width.
•    Polyester / Meta Aramid guide tape suitable for steam ironers from 190ºC up to 210ºC in 13 mm of width.
•    100% Meta Aramid guide tape suitable for ironers up to 230ºC in 10mm of width.
To join the two ends of the guide tape, we offer FITADESHT to "squeeze" between each end of the guide tape this special adhesive tape, which will melt with temperature. Alternatively we offer a WELDING TOOL using ultrasonic waves.

We offer 3 different lubricating waxes for different working temperature ranges:
•    KARAGAMI up to 175ºC,
•    CR.NT up to 185ºC,
•    CR.HP.PLUS up to 250ºC,

Also we offer an entirely different concept in ironing lubrication with CLEANCOAT. Unlike previous smearing waxes, the product is formulated to be effective over the full range of working temperatures found in modern laundries, from the relatively low temperatures of steam heated ironing to the newest oil heated, high temperature machines. It is also designed to minimize the residual effects of new chemical components in today's detergents, bleaches and other additives. Not only does Cleancoat create a lubricated coating on the ironer bed, a coating that allows full heat transfer, but it also contains a cleaning agent to prevent chemical deposits from forming and does not carbonize on the ironer bed.

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